If you want your managers/supervisors to motivate their teams to successfully exceed the company expectations, then we are the right choice for you.

If you want to develop yourself and make changes to grow and succeed where you thought it was impossible, we are the right choice for you.

Coaching is day to day and often the only time an employee hears how they are doing on the job is when they are not meeting their employer’s expectations. Communicating effectively with people is the greatest tool in life. Ongoing coaching is the key to successful teams and unlike the quote above, it is vital for employees and individuals to hear feedback on an ongoing basis.

JagTag Enterprises Inc. has provided extensive coaching sessions to managers and supervisors at Southern California Edison and the executive managers at The California Endowment as well as thousands of individual clients.

  • Coaching is a process that accelerates an individual’s personal development. A coach has a vested interest in his/her employee.
  • Coaching managers and supervisors is focused on assisting them with the day to day feedback and development activities aimed at enhancing performance plans including motivation. The goal is to be immediate and specific.
  • One-on- one Life Coaching is focused on growing the individual to the place they want to be holding the client accountable and setting deadlines.

 “I told you I loved you once, 20 years ago. If it changes I will let you know.” – John Wayne


It is vital to communicate to people the way that they want to be communicated to, not the way we want to communicate with them. The Personal Strengths Inventory is utilized in coaching to identify the valued relating style of the manager/supervisor/individual so communication will be more effective.

Bob Davis, former president of Chevron Chemical said “Praise progress, at least it’s a moving target.”

JagTag Enterprises, Inc., will provide expertise in coaching and communication so managers, supervisors and individuals will learn tools to enhance their ability to coach and communicate with others. Many of the supervisors and managers who have moved up in organizations did not receive any training on how to coach, mentor or assist employees with their goals and the goals of the organization.

JagTag Enterprises, Inc., is the right choice for your company.