Are you Ready?

According to a national survey conducted on job applicants, interviewing was as fun and exciting as being audited by the IRS, having root canal surgery and cleaning out the garage!

JagTag Enterprises Inc. provides group interviewing workshops, one-on-one coaching for interviewing and promotional opportunities. Interviewing is a skill and JagTag Enterprises Inc., will help you enhance your skill and learn the best approach for the questions in the interview.

JagTag Enterprises Inc., will provide the outline for answering Behavioral Interviewing Questions which are the most frequently asked questions in an interview. JagTag Enterprises Inc., has provided interviewing coaching to a variety of individuals in various industries including Engineers to Fire Fighters.

A key to successful interviewing is not only being confident or acting confident but it is about being able to talk about any skeletons or issues in your past that might come up in the interview with clarity, maintaining a positive attitude.

JagTag Enterprises Inc., can target the areas that are hurting your chances in the interview and give you the right words to use with confidence.


We will review the many different interviewing styles including:

  • Situational
  • The Audition
  • The Group Interview
  • The Tag-Team Interview
  • The Mealtime Interview
  • Follow up
  • Screening: The first, second & telephone Interviews
  • Panel Interview
  • Informational
  • Directive
  • Meandering
  • The Stress Interview
  • The Behavioral Interview
  • “STAR “(Situation/task, Action & Results) Interviews