Career Change & Planning

Not sure what you want to do with your next career or Job? Are you burned out or need a career change?

  • Real Estate Agent changing careers to Truck Driver
  • Teacher to Editor
  • Customer Service to Medical Assistant

JagTag Enterprises, Inc., has been presenting courses and providing one-on-one coaching for individuals who need or want to change their careers. Changes in technology change careers every day. Many people have been working at their jobs, paying the bills and taking care of the family and then all of a sudden they find themselves out of work and not qualified for the job they were just laid off from.

Key to Success:  Continuous Learning
We can help you transition into a new career and help you identify what you need in order to stay or be competitive in your current field. The only limit on changing careers is your time and money if you need to take some certification classes or return to school.

Every year we train over 600 people in changing careers. The trainings provided are detailed and explain exactly what a person needs to do in order to change careers. This training also identifies key skills that the individual likes and dislikes, which is a key in changing careers.

Ensure you are Employable after training:
Keep in mind that if you want to be trained in a new career, you need to be sure that the organization that is training you will provide some experience for you or you will not be employable. Check the job postings for the job you are seeking to ensure you have the qualifications after you receive your training.

JagTag Enterprises, Inc., also provides vital information for college students so they will be employable after they finish their degree. Contact us so we can help you ensure your employability after college.

How to sell it!

After you make changes in your career it does matter how your resume is written and how you present yourself in the interview. Please be sure you write the resume to the job you want and it sells you as a qualified candidate, let JagTag Enterprises, Inc., help you with your resume and interviewing skills so you can land that job you want in the new career you decided on!