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Pictures from our Tesoro Summer Youth Program

"Every Friday we gathered in Meeting Room One with our unforgettable trainer, Jacqueline Devlin, MPA. Jacquie taught us all that we need to know about succeeding in life. We learned about everything from handshakes and job fairs to resumes, education and careers. Yet, throughout our 24 hours of classes there was never a boring moment. We left Jacquie's class with lessons for a lifetime and invaluable advice: when all else fails, we simple have to suck it up."
Written by the Summer Youth Class

"We quickly learned that there is more to the Summer Youth Program than meets the eye. our internship wasn't just about having a well-paying job for the summer but also about gaining many necessary life lessons. For example, our Career Enhancement Training harnessed us with many helpful skills that we will utilize for the rest of our lives."
Written by the Summer Youth Class

Youth Development:

JagTag Enterprises, Inc., has provided training services to youth 14-20 years old for over 15 years. The dynamic, up front, energetic presentations utilize the music of each generation, create a safe place to ask questions and encourage team building. Our expertise in conflict resolution, working with diverse youth from all walks of life - physically and mentally challenged, gang members, parenting teens, recovering addicts, high risk and high achieving youth- has earned us a trust and reputation with the youth and the organizations that we work with.

Programs we have provided:

British Petroleum- Summer Youth Program, City of Redondo Beach - WIA Program, City of Carson - Summer Youth Program, Carson Boys and Girls Club/ Carson High School - Career Launch Program & Teen Night

Here is a list of workshops JagTag has provided to youth:

  • How to be successful in today's Job Market
  • Effective Communication/Diversity - Based on Personal Strengths Publishing - Personal Strengths Inventory
  • How to present yourself at a Job Fair
  • Resumes
  • Application Completion
  • Interviewing - How to, what to say, mock interviews and panel interviews
  • How to find a job - Hidden and Visible Markets- Social Media/Networking
  • Life Skills - Managing Money, how to rent an apartment, keeping a job

British Petroleum Program:

Jacqueline, the Director has been proving the four hour Friday workshop to the youth enrolled in the Summer Program for over 15 years. Every year at the end of Program at JagTag provides the youth with an evaluation about the program, one of the questions is,

"What was the most important thing you learned from the Friday Classes presented by JagTag?":

Here are the youth's responses straight from their comments for the 2011 Program:

  • It's important to list what activities you do at work and while volunteering so you can update your resume also suck it up, make notes of your likes and dislikes this will help you decide what you want to do in this life
  • Suck it up and do your best at your job and how to network for a job
  • Everything was extremely helpful
  • It's not what you know, it's who you know & education alone isn't enough you need experience!
  • You must know someone to get far.
  • I have learned how to watch what I say, no matter where I am and how to act around different situations. I have learned how to take responsibility for my own life
  • How you communicate with others and how to network
  • How to make my resume and act during an interview
  • How to present myself and life tips
  • Life
  • It's my life, do what I have to, to make it

Jacquie, I just want to let you know that I will cherish your advice forever!
- Monica BP Summer Youth

Jacquie, I want to thank you because you have taught me a lot of things I didn't know. If you were not here I would not have learned all the things about resumes, cover letter and what to wear and say at a job interview. I am going to always remember you. I want to thank you for teaching me about attitude, I know I had one but I learned if you have one don't show it, keep a smile on your face. Thank you, Tiffany
- BP Summer Youth

Jacqueline, Thank you for being the most influential person here, you have shown us so much its really unbelievable. I am so grateful for all the information you have given us I will definitely keep my notebook. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
- BP Summer Youth

Dear City of Redondo Beach and Jacqueline Devlin: Thanks for all your help for getting me a job. I had fun working with kids and employees. I also had fun in the workshops with Jacqueline. Thanks for going through all that trouble for me and the other kids in class. I the workshops prepare you for when you apply for jobs and have to fill out all that paperwork as well as interviewing. They also help you for your next job. So thanks again! Giacomo
- City of Redondo Beach WIA ProgramĀ 


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Yet another edition of the Summer Youth Program, the 19th annual, reinforced the fact that it's still "business as usual" these days throughout the Carson Business Unit. A diverse group of 20 teenagers participated in this year's seven-week version of the long-running success, which concluded with graduation ceremonies on August 18.

As in past years, class members reported to their assigned areas Mondays through Thursdays to handle a variety of clerical and field work. On Fridays, they gathered in a Carson One conference where consultant Jacqueline Devlin, MPA - doing the honors for her 19th year, as well - provided interactive training on such topics as preparing a resume, effective communication, interviewing, and ultimately finding a job.

"Effective communication/diversity" was the topic on Friday, July 22, for example, when Jacquie got things rolling, if in an unorthodox way, by bluntly asking participants to write down all the words they should not use on the job. With those out of the way - none of which we dare print here - and a new spirit of camaraderie among the group, she moved on to interpersonal relationships, motivational behaviors, and conflict resolution.

One bit of advice was to "Communicate with people the way they want to be communicated with." A related exercise helped program members under the differences among people and, thus, how to better communicate with "reds," "blues," and "greens," and combinations thereof.

The results are amazing and concrete. These youth are different people once they finish this program. When they leave the program they will have resources, mentors, long lasting networking contacts, a final resume and the details on filling out on line applications as well as the truth about the job market and options for those youth who are not going to college, looking at trade schools, police, fire, military. One of the most important things these youth learn and you hear it from them time and time again at graduation is "SUCK IT UP" they learn that they are not entitled to a job, and that they need to do their job on-time, asking questions and completing tasks.